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When booking accommodation, travels, seminars, congresses and incentive programs, concierge services and other services provided by Terranautika d.o.o, personal data of the adult/ reservation holder (eg name, address, contact number, etc.) and other service users data (eg name, date of birth) are needed. Only data that are necessary for the realization of the service will be available exclusively to the partners for realization of accommodation, transport, insurance and travel companies, intermediaries and so on. Payment details (eg bank card number, expiration date) are specifically protected and will only be available to banks or card holders for payment authorization.
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Scope of the agreement
These general terms and conditions are the fundamental part of the agreement for providing field services, which TerraNautika d.o.o., Antuna Barca 10, 20000 Dubrovnik, OIB: 08781155642, ID code: HR-AB-20-090011651 (mentioned in the further text as the AGENCY) agrees with the user of those field services – CLIENT or PARTNER AGENCY (mentioned in the further text as the CONTRACTOR). General terms and conditions are available at the agency website
The general terms and conditions determine the obligations of the AGENCY and the CONTRACTOR of agreed programs, complaints, payments, use of services offered through the contractor or directly through the AGENCY. The CONTRACTOR is each Client or Partner agency that has received at least one service from the AGENCY.
All information in the program and in this general terms and conditions are legally binding for the AGENCY and the CONTRACTOR unless they agree differently in the contract.
The AGENCY provides agreed on-site services and accommodation services for the CONTRACTOR. On-site services are partly touristic services which are planned, organized and delivered by the AGENCY or by their external partners (third party) for their own properties, vehicles or employees. Accommodation services (hotels, boats, villas or apartments) are not considered as on-site services and all conditions are defined by the accommodation itself.
Responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the information provided during a booking or purchasing is borne by the CONTRACTOR himself. According to the Consumer Protection Act, minors or incompetent persons cannot purchase services from the AGENCY, that is, their legal representatives/guardians may do so.

Program content
The AGENCY, guarantees the realization of the agreed program according to the description provided either on the web site of the AGENCY, either directly described / delivered through the offer (presentation, budget, technical program) to the CONTRACTOR. The AGENCY guarantees in full (in the manner described) implementation of the agreed program, except in the case of circumstances beyond the control of the AGENCY (elemental disasters, tempest, war, strikes, terrorist activities, sanitary disorders, interventions of competent authorities, etc.)

Confirmation of the program, deposit and final number of the participants.
After receiving a receipt of written confirmation of the offer from the CONTRACTOR, the AGENCY will offer him/her an Agreement which will be considered as legally binding after the written signature of both parties or their consent by any of the following means: internet, fax, electronic mail, credit card authorization form, GIRO payment, which have a legal effect when the AGENCY receives corresponding payment within deadline they agreed upon. Upon confirmation of the offer, the CONTRACTOR is obliged to provide all the information and documents that the agency requests for the realization of a particular program.
Final details of the program must be confirmed 21 days before the start of the project. All services requested after that time period will be subject to availability and market conditions for the requested change, and they will be additionally charged. Making additional changes can result in changes in quality of services.
The AGENCY has to be informed about the preliminary number (+/- 5%) and all the details related to food and drinks no later than 20 days before the event. The final number of participants has to be known to the AGENCY no later  than 7 days before their arrival.

If the CONTRACTOR whishes fast check-in process upon the arrival at the accommodation unit (hotels, apartments, villas, ships and other accommodation units), the CONTRACTOR shall provide the AGENCY with all the information necessary for fast check-in. The data required for check-in are: ID/ passport number, country/ city of birth, date of birth, citizenship, name and surname and place of residence. The data must be delivered at least 72 hours before check-in at the accommodation. All additional services and agreements confirmed by both parties via e-mail after signing the service agreement, become a part of a legally binding agreement.
An offer / program confirmation is considered valid only after the AGENCY determines that an advance payment of 10% has been paid. The CONTRACTOR fully accepts these general terms and conditions which he has carefully studied beforehand, and so these terms and conditions become a legal obligation both for the CONTRACTOR and for the AGENCY.

Categorization, content and service description
Offered accommodation units, restaurants, transportation and other subjects are described according to the official categorization of the local tourism board or other authorized/qualified institutions in Croatia at the time of the publication of the program. The standards of the accommodation, food, services and any other in certain places and countries vary and are not subject to comparison. The AGENCY cannot be held responsible for information received orally, by telephone, in written or in any other way by unauthorized third parties which is not in accordance with the descriptions of the services sold.
The reception will allocate rooms or apartments in accommodation units. Unless the CONTRACTOR has not specifically agreed upon certain accommodation units with the AGENCY, the CONTRACTOR will accept any officially registered accommodation in that accommodation object or the destination described in the program. Check-in is not possible before 14:00 o’clock on the day of the commencement of the services, and the same has to vacate until 11:00 o’clock on the day of the completion of the program, unless it is otherwise stated. The content and price for the service / program reflects everything the AGENCY has stated in the program. Services and prices that are not agreed or included in the program or services that are not included in the program price, the CONTRACTOR will pay separately. The content of the particular programs are in general different, depending on the needs of the CONTRACTOR. In general content can contain; transportation, hotel and hospitality services, all necessary services for meetings and incentives or team building programs and program organization, airport travel charges, professional local guides fees, facultative excursions and visits, costs of obtaining and issuing visas, tickets for events and facilities, special diets, and any other services that the AGENCY can do, under the law that allows it.

Rates are calculated in good faith including VAT and are in accordance with the value of requested services. Rates are based on the requested number of participants at given dates. The rates are displayed in Croatian Kuna and in Euro. Rates are based on the current exchange rate and local taxes valid on the day of the calculation of the program budget. The quoted prices are subject to alternations in the case of the Law reforms made by the Government, such as an increase of VAT or other relative taxes and expenses. The AGENCY is obligated to inform the CONTRACTOR about the increase of the prices no later than 20 days before their arrival. Should the increase in the price of the paid reservation amount be more than 10%, the CONTRACTOR has the right to cancel his/her reservation and is also entitled to a refund without any additional compensation. The program/offer rates are pre-arranged and quoted and are based on contracts with partners and suppliers. Prices do not have to match prices from other sources or prices of other service providers that the CONTRACTOR may come across. Pre-agreed prices are not subject to complaints.

Responsibilities of the AGENCY
The AGENCY is responsible for providing the services as well as choosing service providers as a good organizer and look after the rights and interests of the CONTRACTOR according to good tourism etiquette. The AGENCY has to provide a written confirmation to the CONTRACTOR for the paid program. The AGENCY is not held responsible in case of changes or not providing services due to Force Majeure and delay in transportation for which the carrier is not responsible according to positive agreement and international conventions. In such case, the CONTRACTOR will cover all additional expenses.

Responsibilities of the CONTRACTOR
The Contractor is responsible for:

ensuring that all participants are in possession of valid travel documents (personal ID’s). Cost of losing or stealing personal documents during the program are at the expense of the Contractor or the participant itself. The guide or representative of the AGENCY will assist under the condition that the program continues to run undisturbed.

the vaccination and possession of all certificates and documents about vaccination for travelling into countries that require it according to regulations of World Health Organization. In that case, the participant has to enclose a medical certificate. The AGENCY will not be held responsible and additional cancellation expenses will be charged from the article 10 if the participant does not have all necessary documents or if the personal documents are invalid and they result in the cancellation of the travel arrangement or inability to continue the journey.

respecting the customs and foreign exchange regulations of the Republic of Croatia and the countries visited during the program.

respecting the house order of all objects visited during the program and cooperate with service providers in good faith.

respecting the advisory and cooperating with the tour guide and/or the AGENCY representative

the payment of all agreed services according to the payment plan.

informing the AGENCY about all facts related to health, habits and other relevant information about participants which could endanger the program plan (if the participant is requesting a certain kind of food, is suffering from a specific health condition or chronic disease, allergies etc.)

In case of not respecting of any of these obligations, the CONTRACTOR is held responsible for the damage done to the AGENCY.

Force Majeure
“Force Majeure” shall mean any act of God, strikes, lockouts or other labour dispute, shortage of labour or materials, earthquake, hurricane, flood, fire or other casualty, taking, civil commotion, riot, violence, insurrection, malicious mischief, sabotage, rebellion, act of public enemy, act of terrorism, epidemic, invasion, embargo, governmental pre-emption in the case of national or local emergency security or health risk, suspension of governmental operations, restrictions on travel issued by governments or other event beyond the reasonable control of the party claiming the benefit of the event, including acts of declared or undeclared war and acts of terrorism.

By any reason of Force Majeure officially declared by the authorities the Agency and the Contractor are not held responsible for any eventual delays or damages occurred to this Agreement. Any delay or damage occurred to this Agreement does not mean immediate termination of this Agreement.  Both contracting parties shall evaluate the situation first and agree mutually to modify or postpone the reserved services. The Agency shall together with its suppliers take all reasonable steps within their respective powers and consistent with Good Operating Practices.

The AGENCY’s right to changes and cancellations
According to the effective law, the AGENCY has the right to cancel the arrangement or change the programme.

The AGENCY has the right to cancel the excursion no later than 72 hours before the anticipated departure if an insufficient number of participants (according to the Contract or program) register for the excursion.The AGENCY keeps the right to completely or partially digress from the contract if some unexpected event occurs before or during the delivery of the program or it was not possible to remove or avoid it.The AGENCY can cancel the contract, that is, to digress from the contract and demand the compensation of the damage from the CONTRACTOR who is breaking the regulations of the contract made with the AGENCY especially if it is proved that the CONTRACTOR gave false information about the number of participants and their age on purpose or that there was a change during the program, and the CONTRACTOR did not inform the AGENCY. The AGENCY keeps the right to change the day or the time of departure, that is, to cancel the program because of the change of flight or due to Force Majeure as well as the right to change the course of the journey if the conditions of the journey change (new timetable, political insecurity where the program is about to be held, natural disasters or other unexpected causes the AGENCY cannot have an effect on), without any special compensation and according to special regulations of passenger traffic. The AGENCY cannot be held responsible for program changes caused by any Force Majeure during the realization of the program. In that case, the AGENCY can guarantee services in a changed form, according to available opportunities of the same or higher quality.During tourist arrangements and other tourist services where the good or appropriate weather is a major factor in the realization of the program, cancellation or deviation from the contract due to bad or inappropriate weather is a valid reason to cancel the contract due to the exceptional circumstances. In that case, the CONTRACTOR has the right to a refund of the paid amount or to transfer the paid amount for an other departure time or to accept a substitute program of the same value. If the AGENCY cancels the program, the CONTRACTOR has the right to receive the full refund of paid services. If the Agency cancels the program, the CONTRACTOR does not have the right to receive the refund of visa costs necessary to enter the country they planned to visit or the cost of necessary vaccination (according to the program). The AGENCY has to immediately inform the CONTRACTOR about any additional changes. The AGENCY is not held responsible for the flight, train or other transportation delays, as well as crowds on the location site which would happen as a result of such delays. In case that the conditions on the destination itself do not allow the AGENCY to provide the accommodation for the CONTRACTOR in the agreed accommodation property, the AGENCY can accommodate the participants in the same destination but in another accommodation property of the same category.

Payment conditions
The payment schedule and deposits are according to the AGENCY’s itemized quotation offer. The AGENCY reserves the right to cancel or not provide any service for which deposits were not received on the due dates, or have not been fully prepaid in accordance with the payment schedule.
The CONTRACTOR and the AGENCY agree on the following payment schedule:
For on-site services:

Upon confirmation of the project: 10 % of the total file amount is due upon confirmation; 30% of the agreed amount 60 days prior arrival, 40% of the agreed amount 30 days prior arrival of the group and the remaining 20% to be settled 20 days prior arrival of the group.

Remark: special payment conditions are applicable in program announced in a period shorter than the one stated above. All additional services agreed upon during the program have to be paid before the completion of the program (via pre-authorization of the credit card or some other kind of bail) unless it has not been agreed differently via written correspondence.

For accommodation services:
The accommodation property payment conditions are subject as per accommodation policy. In order to realize the agreed program, the CONTRACTOR is obliged to pay the rests of the deposits within the agreed deadlines. In the event that the CONTRACTOR has not paid an advance payment of 10% for a particular service / program, the offer is considered invalid. If the CONTRACTOR has not paid the rest of the deposits within the agreed deadline, the AGENCY is not entitled to realize the agreed program. Advance payment, deposit or full amount of program can be made by internet banking, a general payment slip on the AGENCY’s account.

All invoices are to be paid by wire transfer inclusive of bank charges. The program invoice is payable within stipulated payments schedule. All unpaid amounts will automatically bear 15% interest per annum, effective from the date of invoicing. The CONTRACTOR should mail a copy of the bank transfer to the AGENCY on the day of the payment.
For all bank transactions you can choose the following bank accounts:
Raiffeisenbank d.d., Petrinjska 59, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia
Account number: 2484008-1103375250
IBAN: HR5424840081103375250

Or Zagrebačka bank d.d., Paromlinska 2, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia
Account number: 2360000-1102306249
IBAN: HR3723600001102306249

The CONTRACTOR’s right to cancellations
In the event that the CONTRACTOR wishes to change or cancel a reservation, he/she must do so in writing in a timely manner. Unless otherwise agreed, in case of a total cancellation of the program all deposits paid or due to AGENCY up to the moment when cancellation has been received, will be forfeited for covering cancellation charges as required by the external partners and suppliers. Deposits which have not been paid at the agreed date are not excluded and remain due to the AGENCY.

The AGENCY and the CONTRACTOR agree upon the following cancellation policy:
For on-site services:
If the program has been fully cancelled, the AGENCY and the CONTRACTOR agree upon the following cancellation policy:

In case of cancellation of the group more than 60 days prior arrival of the group: the concept fee and the administration fees (10% of the total booked amount) as well as paid non refundable costs paid to suppliers are not refundable.

In case of cancellation of the group between 60 and 30 days prior arrival of the group: 40 % of the remaining total amount is not refundable.

In case of cancellation of the group between 30 and 15 days prior arrival of the group: 80 % of the remaining total amount is not refundable.

In case of cancellation of the group between 15 and 8 days prior arrival of the group: 90 % of the remaining total amount is not refundable.

In case of cancellation of the group less than 8 days prior arrival of the group: 100% of the total amount is not refundable.

In case of Covid Lockdown: the project can be rebooked free of charge within 12 months or cancelled free of charge except of the concept fee and the administration management fees.

Partial cancellation of the program or a smaller number of participants than agreed, will not induce additional charges if these changes do not affect individual service prices or are not contrary to the cancellation policy of the third parties-suppliers.

For accommodation services:
The cancellation of accommodation services is calculated according the policy of the property.

Additional charges
The CONTRACTOR and the AGENCY agree that all additional charges made during the program will be paid immediately unless it has been agreed differently previously. For all requested additional charges for the participants of the program, a signature of authorized Contractor’s representative is required while the accommodation unit will have the credit card details of the participant himself or the CONTRACTOR. The CONTRACTOR is held responsible as a co-debtor for all requests and additional charges (such as telephone calls, mini bar, laundry, pay-TV, restaurant receipts, additional hotel charges, etc.) made by participants-guests, even if the participant of the program is informed about his responsibility to cover personal expenses. If it is agreed that the AGENCY pays additional expenses made during the program, the AGENCY will charge extra 15% service charge inclusive of VAT in agreement with the CONTRACTOR’s representative.

In case of any complaint the CONTRACTOR must notify the claim immediately to the AGENCY’s representative during his stay in the destination. The AGENCY will try to resolve the issue on –site and offer a solution bearing in mind their mutual satisfaction.
The CONTRACTOR is entitled to cooperate with the AGENCY or his representative in good faith in order to remove the causes of the complaint. If the CONTRACTOR does not accept the offered solution (which is of a same quality and paid service) on the spot, the AGENCY will not accept any additional complaints.
If the solution is not possible, these complaints must be sent to the AGENCY in written along with all supporting documents within 8 days. The AGENCY will examine the received complaint and forward it to its suppliers. The AGENCY will afterwards offer the best possible written solution within 15 days after receiving the complaint. The AGENCY can postpone the deadline for addressing the complaint for maximum of 15 days due to gathering sufficient information and checking the reliability of the complaint with the supplier. The AGENCY will deal with only those complaints that could not be resolved during the stay.
Until the Agency issues a solution, the CONTRACTOR renounces disclosure of information to the media and mediation of other persons, judicial institutions, arbitration and so on.
If the CONTRACTOR is not satisfied with the AGENCY’s offered solution, he/she has the right to a court arbitration. The jurisdiction of the court is in the place of the residence of the AGENCY.

The value of partially or completely unused services for accommodation, food and drinks, transportation or any other service during the duration of the program will not be refunded to the CONTRACTOR unless the AGENCY has already paid for the costs incurred. Estimated refund will not be offered for bus, guide, supplier costs, and entrance tickets for performances, location and other entrance tickets for special events as well as minor costs. In case of missing or faulty technical equipment which was to be ensured by the AGENCY, the AGENCY will try to remedy the problem immediately. In case that the issue cannot be resolved, the CONTRACTOR has the right to receive the refund. In case of a complaint, the amount of money to be refunded will be determined according to the actual cost of damage done during the realization of the service.

Management fee
The Management fee part of the price of the program/project depends on specificities of the agreed program. This fee covers the AGENCY’s employees’ fees who work on the execution of the program from the moment of confirmation until its realization as well as the administration and logistical costs to execute the program or project in according to the complexity and demands of the program.

Site Inspection
After the confirmation of the program, and according to the conditions from Article 2, the AGENCY will deliver the following services for the site Inspection based on 2 persons and maximum for 2 nights: free local transfers by car, one free meal, employee salary and inspection of the visited locations, hotels and other contents mentioned in the program. Furthermore, the AGENCY will negotiate the best prices for the requested services with their external partners such as suppliers and accommodation providers, and all this with the purpose of cost reduction of the program inspection. The AGENCY reserves the right to issue the invoice for any additional costs such as personal requests of the participants, additional meals, suburban and city transport. In case that the CONTRACTOR cancels his/her project services, the AGENCY will issue an invoice for all services delivered during the program inspection.

Travel Documents
The CONTRACTOR is responsible for ensuring that all participants have valid travel documents. The AGENCY does not guarantee the issuing of visa. If the CONTRACTOR does not fulfil the mentioned obligations, it will be considered that the participant has given up on the journey. The CONTRACTOR and his participants are required to respect all customs and foreign exchange regulations. If the participant cannot continue the journey due to disrespecting the regulations, he will be in charge of expenses and consequences as a result of his action. If the participant loses his travel documents or if they are stolen from him during the duration of the program, he is required to cover the expenses of issuing new travel documents. The participant is responsible for ensuring that himself, his documents and baggage fulfil all conditions imposed by visa, border crossing, customs, health and other regulations in the Republic of Croatia as well as in other visited countries, to respect the house order in hospitality and hotel objects as well as to cooperate with AGENCY’s representative and service suppliers in good faith. In case of non-abiding to these obligations, the participant will be held responsible for the damage done while the AGENCY does not hold any responsibility for such damage. In such case, the participant has to compensate for the damage directly to the property owner (hotels, apartments etc.) at the reception. We suggest that every CONTRACTOR inform himself on the web-page and check the list of countries of high or moderate risk according to MVP of Republic of Croatia. Travel documents which are not valid, that is, visa disapproval which results in giving up on the program, does not bind the AGENCY in any regard and program cancellation conditions will be applied.

Travel insurance
In accordance with the Law of providing services in tourism, employees of the agency are obligated to offer a “package” of travel insurance to the CONTRACTOR which consists of: freewill health insurance during their stay abroad, insurance in case of accidents, baggage insurance and travel cancellation. The CONTRACTOR confirms that the package of travel insurance has been offered to him by signing the contract. In case that the CONTRACTOR demands these insurances, they can be contracted directly with one of the insurance companies or with the AGENCY in which case the AGENCY acts as a mediator only for Allianz insurance.

Travel cancellation insurance
If during the application for the program the CONTRACTOR evaluates that he could cancel the project due to certain situations, we recommend the payment of a travel cancellation insurance policy. The cancellation insurance is valid only in the following cases, and only with written confirmation: military call, sickness or death case. If the CONTRACTOR does not have a cancellation insurance contract, and he has to cancel the program and he has a confirmation for military call, sickness or death case, the AGENCY reserves the right of disbursement according to regulations in article 8 of this Contract. The cost of visa is not disbursed upon the cancellation of the arrangement event if the CONTRACTOR has the travel cancellation insurance. Paying for the travel cancellation insurance policy, the CONTRACTOR transfers all his claims to the insurance company where he bought his cancellation insurance policy related to the travel arrangement. All cancellation conditions are mentioned in the insurance policy and we recommend to every CONTRACTOR to read them personally.

Insurance Policy Information:
Adriatic Osiguranje d.d.
Listopadska 2, 10000 Zagreb
OIB 94472454976

The baggage belonging to the participants has to correspond to the carriers’ conditions. The AGENCY will not be held responsible for lost or damaged baggage. Lost baggage claims are referred to the carrier or supplier. Regarding the aviation transportation, the aviation company is solely responsible for the baggage and according to regulations valid for air traffic. If the baggage was lost in a hotel, the participant refers his claim to the hotel where it was lost. We recommend to agree for a baggage insurance.

Insurance in case of bankruptcy of the AGENCY
In case of the bankruptcy of the AGENCY, the CONTRACTOR can contact the insurance company Allianz and inform himself of their telephone number and the address so they can contact them afterwards. This document is valid as a confirmation of the insurance of the AGENCY’s bankruptcy. The policy number of the insurance is: 0688007917.

Liability insurance
According to the Croatian Law of providing services in tourism, the AGENCY has the concluded liability insurance contract with the Adriatic insurance company (number: 0688007916).

Protection of personal information
The CONTRACTOR provides personal information on his/her own free will. Personal information is required for processing requested services. The same information shall be used for inter-communication. The AGENCY is under the obligation that the personal information of the CONTRACTOR will not be taken out of the country or given to a third party except for the purpose of carrying out requested services. Personal participants’ information will be treated as confidential and will not be given to third party without the direct and written consent of the participants. The personal information will be kept in a database in accordance with the Management’s decision on the method used for collecting, processing and securing personal information.
Personal data is collected for the purpose of meeting the business and legal obligations under the Tourism Services Act. Due to the protection of data and according to the Data Protection Act, the AGENCY acts in accordance with its Policy on the collection, processing and protection of personal data. The contracting parties have the right at any time to forbid further processing of their personal data. Data is collected exclusively for a predefined program or service.
The information and policy for the purpose of data collection is publicly available on the website of the agency ( and the contact person authorized for data processing is Sabine Gouhie,
The customer or service provider should be acquainted with the terms of the program for which his personal information is required and give his written permission.
The Agency is taking all technical, personnel and organizational measures required to protect personal data from accidental loss, destruction, unauthorized access, unauthorized use, unauthorized disclosure and any other misuse. Therefore, the AGENCY appoints a person who is responsible for the data protection (Sabine Gouhie).
The data is permanently destroyed after expiration of the legal deadlines.

Final dispositions
In the event of any dispute or disagreement resulting out of or in connection with the services provided by the AGENCY will be settled in a friendly manner. If an agreement between the AGENCY and the CONTRACTOR cannot be reached through negotiations the dispute will be settled at the Court of Dubrovnik, and Croatian law will be applied. Services of a tourist agency in organizing and providing services in tourism are under the authority of the Ministry of Tourism – Independent sector of tourism inspection, address: Trg Republike Hrvatske 8/1, 10000 Zagreb.

TerraNautika d.o.o., za turizam, poslovanje, nautičke usluge i turistička agencija,  Antuna Barca 10 , 20000 Dubrovnik, Croatia – Tel: + 385 (0) 20 438 177 – Fax: + 385 (0) 20 438 176 –

HRK Raiffeisen Bank IBAN  HR542484008-1103375250 –  HR-AB-20-090011651 – OIB  HR-08781155642

Trg. Sud u Dubrovniku MBS 090011651 – Temeljni kapital: 100.000,00 kn uplaćen u novcu – Član uprave društva: Sabine Gouhie